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Step One: Visit URL =>

Once the above URL is open follow these directions:
1.Must have Mobile Device:
Ensure you have access to a mobile device to complete this task.

2.Access the Task on a Mobile Device:
Use your mobile device to perform this task.

3.Open the Provided Link:
Click on the provided link. This will direct you to a website.

4.Scroll to the Bottom of the Page:
Once on the website, scroll down to reach the bottom of the page.

5.Click on the Button "Make Money Now!":
Click on the button labeled "Make Money Now!" This will take you to a human verification process.

6.Complete the Human Verification:
Follow the instructions provided in the human verification process, by installing 2apps, creating a new account, verifying email, and logging in. It's essential to adhere to all the rules specified.
Failure to comply may result in non-crediting of the task and non-payment.

7.Provide Proof of Completion:
Once you have completed the task in its entirety, you will be redirected to an eBook. To receive payment, you must provide the title of the eBook and the link to it. No proof of completion, no payment.

Remember to follow each step carefully to ensure successful completion of the task and receipt of payment.

Proof job was completed properly:  

Include this code along with all proof above:
[ d41d 8cd9 8f00 b204 e980 0998 ecf8 427e ]

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