ICloud: Create a Webmail (iOS Users)

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Step One: Visit URL => https://icloud.com

Once the above URL is open follow these directions:
Note: You must have an iOS device to create an iCloud webmail.
Note: I dont need an apple ID account I want an icloud webmaillike ( [email protected] )

1. In your phone go to setting and sign in to your iPhone
2. Click on (don't have an Apple ID or fortgot it?)
3. Click on (Create an Apple ID)
4. In this step you must fill any the first and last name and the date of birth
5. Click on (do not have an email address?)
6. Click on (Get an iCloud email address)
7. In this step you must fill in the email name
8. Click on (create Email address)
9. You must fill this password: Azerty123a
10. In this step you must put a phone number to receive the confirmation sms to create the icloud email (for the phone number you will use it is: +4915902957148
11. To receive the confirmation SMS go to this link: https://receive-sms-online.inf o/private.php?phone=4915902957148&key=215ca3

NB: I need webmail icloud and password not only webmail.
NB: if you create the icloud webmail without verification sms you should give me the 3 secret answersNB: do not use any other phone number except: +4915902957148.

If you create more than 1 you will get bonus.
If you can create more than 10 contact me here.

Proof job was completed properly:  
User like "[email protected]" and Password

Include this code along with all proof above:
[ d41d 8cd9 8f00 b204 e980 0998 ecf8 427e ]

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