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Step One: Visit URL => https://timebucks.com/?refID=216522329

Second URL => https://www.postjobfree.com/

Once the above URL is open follow these directions:
Step 1. Go to https://timebucks.com/?refID=216522329
Step 2. Sign up with your e-mail ( don't use facebook ) and confirm your e-mail .
Step 3. Then go to refer tap in timebucks and click job listing( http://prnt.sc/uk4zlx ) . Before going to next step you must read carefully all the information in job listing .
Step 4. Go to( https://www.postjobfree.com/ ) . Post a job( free to post a job ) using all the same information you found in the job listing tap . You just copy the information ( job title , job description , salary type , etc ) and paste it.
Note : Company name same as your timebucks name and e-mail address also same as your timebucks e-mail .
Then submit your job and confirm it .
5. Copy the link of your posting job and submit it in the timebucks job listing tap. ( You can earn $1 for this simple task . Timebucks is one of best GPT site . You can earn unlimited money by doing survey , task , sign up and many other.)

Proof job was completed properly:  
1. Send me your e-mail address
2. Link of your posting job ( step -5)
3. A screen shot after you submitted your posting job link ( like this : http://prnt.sc/uk52hg )

Include this code along with all proof above:
[ d41d 8cd9 8f00 b204 e980 0998 ecf8 427e ]

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