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webfika (19) Reviews
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Step One: Visit URL =>

Once the above URL is open follow these directions:
Step 1: Visit above link to reach the forum.
Step 2: Click the Login link on the top right of the forum.
Step 3: Click "Or create a new account" link
Step 4: Create Account
Step 5: Post a clear meaningful English introduction about yourself in the Introduction Channel. The community is about making money online so that is the goal.
Step 6: Create one other clear and meaningful English post, either by replying to someone else or posting a relevant topic in the "Earning Reports" or "Program Discussions" channel.

Proof job was completed properly: Screenshot with your posts showing your username.

You can't just post crap. It should be meaningful and relevant. This community is out there to help each other with information and we want to start to get it going before we announce it to the public. Do not spam.

We are looking for dedicated members, if you're interested in contributing more please contact us.

Include this code along with all proof above:
[ d41d 8cd9 8f00 b204 e980 0998 ecf8 427e ]

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