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Bitpanda: Sign up + Verify your Identity

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Job Description

Step 1: Create a brand-new email address from one of the email providers that accepts login with email address and password. I will need to enter the email address you created, it should allow me to enter with the password. Email provider suggestions:

Step 2:Sign-up to Bitpanda with the email you created using this link:

(Just copy&paste this link to your browser and click 'get started' or 'sign-up' button at homepage)

Step 3: Verify Sign up email and re-enter to the website with your email and password

4. Click on the panda icon at the upper right corner and click on 'verify now' button. Enter your personal data, click on Save, Choose the Country of Issuance and Type of Identification, and click on "Continue"
Choose a "Verification Provider" and click "Continue"

The verification consists of a video identification procedure. You can choose IdentityTM or IDNow, and you will connect to the video verification after clicking Continue.

5. You should be from one of the following countries and you should have either passport or national ID depending on the country list in this link:

Example: if the person is from Denmark, he should have a passport, he can't verify his identity with his national identity card

6. You should provide me the email address you created and password of the email address.(I should be able to sign in that email)

7. You should provide me the email and password of each verified Bitpanda account

Proof Job Was Finished

Step 1:  You should provide me the email address you created and password of the email address (I should be able to Sign in that email so please do not use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo like services that require additional steps to login in different location)

Step 2: You should provide me the email and password of the verified Bitpanda account
- I will check if I can sign in the email you provided and I will check the Bitpanda account you created. If I can sign in the email you have provided and if I can sign in the Bitpanda account you have created and if I see the verified badge in Bitpanda account I will approve the job
Final Step: copy and paste this code into proof: [ d41d 8cd9 8f00 b204 e980 0998 ecf8 427e ]

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Install and Use Plugin/Feedback

Step 1: Install Chrome Extension ( )
Step 2: Create at least 3 templates
Step 3: Leave a positive review on chrome web store.

Download and install extension from:

Payout: $0.45

Unlock and proof code only usa / uk / Australie

Step 1:go to thislink

Step 2: unlock the content
Step 3: copy the code

Payout: $0.40

Complete any Offer and download file (very interesting file)

Step 1: Go To This Link
Step 2: Press Download Button and must complete one of the offers there to unlock the file
Step 3: Download the Ebook and send screenshot for the ebook

Payout: $0.25