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2 minutes
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Job Description

Step 1: search on google or bing below text
whatsapp Marketing service
Step 2: You will find this website on 7 to 10 page on google
Step 3: open website wait for 60 second and share website on facebook with facebook share button

Proof Job Was Finished

Step 1: on which page you find website give exact title tag of website
Step 2: after share take screenshot of facebook share like attach image 
Final Step: copy and paste this code into proof: [ d41d 8cd9 8f00 b204 e980 0998 ecf8 427e ]

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Download and install the app - Android users only

Step 1: Go to the link
Step 2: Download the apk file
Step 3: Install and keep the app for 30 days

Payout: $0.15

Download and Run Test

Step 1: Download program
Step 2: Run program on Windows (calc test program)
Step 3: Take main window screenshot

Payout: $0.15

Download a File and provide comfirmation code

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Complete The Verification
Step 3: Download the File

Payout: $0.17