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New Server Testing: Download + Get the code

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Job Description

Need some people to test new server which generates a unique code for each user.

Here are the steps:
1. Go to
2. Download the file
3. Submit Proof
4. Get Paid

Proof Job Was Finished

1. Inform unique code
Final Step: copy and paste this code into proof: [ d41d 8cd9 8f00 b204 e980 0998 ecf8 427e ]

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Download and get 0.30$

[Download and play for 30 secs]
Step 1: download 2 apps from
Step 2: play for 30 secs
Step 3: screenshot the code

Payout: $0.27

Sign up using the given link

Sign up using the given link
Step 1: Click on the following link
(If the link is not working please copy and paste it on the browser)
Step 2: Provide valid information

Payout: $0.10

Just Install & Review My App

Step 1:Go To This Link
Step 2:Install This app And Give 5 Star Rating
Step 3:Write Positive Review With Keyword Video Downloader
Step 4:Keep Install app for 3 to 4 days

Payout: $0.10