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Employer Guide

This Guide Will Help Employers Create Successful Micro Jobs.

Creating a successfull job for workers is a pretty straightforward process, with that in mind, there are things you should and should not do as an employer to ensure a successful job.

First, create a job with a reasonable number of completions. Creating your first job with 100 or more workers needed is not a good idea simply because you have no idea the response you'll get.

Several factors will determine if the job will be successful such as.

1. Does my Title share enough information?
2. Am I targeting enough and the right countries?
3. Could the majority of internet users understand and complete your Job?
4. Am I targeting the right Countries and Catagorizing the Job Correctly?
5. Am I compensating the worker enough to complete the Job?
6. Is the Job EASY to complete?

Keep these 5 questions in mind when creating a job.

First, make sure you write a descriptive, specific Job Title. The Job Title is the first thing people browsing jobs are going to see. Just putting "Sign Up" or "Complete" in the title is not enough information for the workers and will be passed over by most workers.

Be specific in your Job Title.


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By being specific in your Job Title you will get more Quality and Quantity completions.

Creating Jobs and Choosing Completions.

We highly recommend creating jobs with a lower number of completions required such as 10 or 20, if the job is successful then create another of the same job.

Please note, if you add completions and your account runs out of funds, the job will be taken offline until you add funds and resume the job.

Best Types Of Jobs To Post

The best types of jobs, which will get the most completions are unique jobs (jobs people can't find easily anywhere else) that pay a reasonable amount.

Your job should also have as few requirements as possible. This means, if you are creating a "Signup" offer, do not require the user to create an account, view 100 sites, get 10 referrals, etc.

The job should be fair, simple and straightforward.

Paying a fair amount is very important if you want to create a successful job.

Let's say you are in Clixsense and you put up a job to get new referrals. Let's say on average the referral is worth $.50 to you. Creating a job that pays .10 is not in yours or the workers best interest, paying $.25 however would be very productive.

We see some people create jobs where they expect the user to signup at a site, then view say 40 ads and pay them .05 cents. Listen, this is not going to work. You are not compensating the user nearly enough for their time. You will most likely get little to no completions on this type of request.

We highly recommend when pricing jobs to pay the worker AT LEAST 50% of what the payout to you would be. While we can't force this on anyone, it is a good rule to work by. You will create happy workers who like your jobs and complete your other future jobs.

Remember, as an employer your rating is shown, if people are not satisfied because you are not honoring their completions or are not happy with the payout this will reflect in your Employer rating.

Your next question might be..

"Where can I find jobs for people to Complete?"

Obviously, if you are in an affiliate program such as Clixsense or some other PTC, then creating a job for signups or if you own your own website, Facebook likes or shares is a simple no brainer job to get more visitors.

However, maybe you want to create a job and just want to make some money with a CPA network, these work well with Workers.

Micro Jobs are considered "incentivized" by any CPA network. This means you can't pay people to complete something if the offer on the network does not allow Incentives.

If you are looking for networks that allow Incentivized traffic, CPALead is one of the largest networks. Currently CPALead has over 6,000 Incentivized offers to choose from.

Do not create jobs that:

  • Spam or harm another website or person
  • Trick the user into supplying personal information.
  • Require a Credit Card, Check or Provide Bank Account Details
  • Exchange money between payment systems
  • Complete too many tasks in a single job
Get more traffic to your jobs.

Once you post a job, you can link directly to that job with your referral link pointing at the job details page.

ex: https://www.onlinemicrojobs.com/job_details.php?id=3302&ref=

Please note: When someone submits proof for your job, you have 48 hours to approve/decline. If you do not approve/decline within 48 hours, the submission will automatically be approved and the amount deducted from your account. We do our best to manually check submissions before they are auto-approved but make no guarnatees we will catch everything. It is up to the employeer to monitor and approve/decline submissions to your jobs.