Developer Resources

We are working on several development projects to allow easier access to our data!

Initially we created an RSS feed located at:
and a JSON feed located at:

These are very simplistic feeds that outputs

You can include YOUR referral ID in the link by adding (for example) ?refid=12345 to the end of the $json_url code snippet. This will allow you to earn referral bonuses for any new users that sign up using your link.

For example:

Here is a sample PHP code snippet that will fetch the JSON data and output it to the screen:

$json_url = '';
// Fetch JSON data from the URL
$json_data = file_get_contents($json_url);

// Check if data was fetched successfully
if ($json_data === false) {
    echo "

Error fetching JSON data.

"; } else { // Decode JSON data $jobs = json_decode($json_data, true); // Iterate through each job foreach ($jobs as $job) { echo "Job Title: " . $job['job_title'] . "\n"; echo "Job Link: " . $job['job_link'] . "\n"; echo "Publication Date: " . $job['job_pubdate'] . "\n"; echo "Job Description: " . $job['job_description'] . "\n\n"; } } ?>

For more information or to request additional data, please contact us through our Support Form