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Newly Added Jobs
Job Title Payment Available
Smoking Survey4.0028/30
Work At Home: Search + Click 2x0.2029/30
Earn Extra Income Signup0.408/30
Finance: Search + Click 1x0.2556/200
Easy Registration - $0.20.201/30
ShareCash complete 1 surveys and download text files!0.1221/31
Easy: Sign Up0.1721/30
Download and Install (super fast and easy)0.5024/40
Complete 1 offer and visit download page0.356/30
download a text file0.2227/62
Complete 1 surveys and Download File Logo Image0.2612/30
Toluna: Sign up0.1013/30
Complete one Survey and Download One TextFile0.113/30
Complete a survey and download TXT file - Get Paid Fast0.114/30
Search and click on 2 results0.2083/100
complete a survey and dowload TXT file0.1512/30
$$ Download txt file and win money $$0.1029/79
EASY: Sign Up and Complete Survey (extra 5 USD on the page you sign up)0.057/50
very easy job to earn money0.103/50
iOS App Store: Search + Download + Install + Screenshot1.000/30
Download simple text file0.1424/30
Simple File Download And Earn0.2065/67
Complete one Survey.Download One Text File AND Get Paid0.256/30
Complete one Survey, Download One DOC File, Get Paid0.1456/62
Simple Signup Too quick0.102/50
Verified Email Only0.107/300
Download Android App and give 5 star review0.8017/30
EASY ! FAST ! Just Email Submit0.136/30
Complete eazy survey and Download TXT file earn 0.20 $0.2059/69
Download + Use0.0834/400
Complete 5 surveys and download 5 text file1.0024/30
FAST & EASY just download the file (Facebook $3000 a month )0.2810/30
complete a survey and dowload TXT file0.1430/30
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